“If the scriptures are rightly understood,
it was in Armenia that paradise was placed”
- George Gordon Byron

If you ever visit Armenia, be sure: you have chosen one of the most mysterious countries on Earth!

Come to Armenia for the enticing warmness of our hospitality, for amazing hiking trips, breathtaking sceneries…

There are plenty of reasons why to travel in Armenia. Here are a few of them:

1. Armenia is a country with a very old history.
Different manuscripts, records and even the Old Testament have mentioned about Armenia, noting the name of the country as Ararat. Formerly, Armenia’s neighbouring country was Assyria that does not exist anymore. Meanwhile Armenia has not only survived throughout centuries, but preserved its state and territory and continued creating and inventing. Due to its geographical location, Armenia has been a stage of wars for centuries and attracted not only different hiking groups, but also many foreign historians who wrote about Armenia. By visiting our ancient country, you will get acquainted with its ancient and rich history.

2. Culture.
Armenian Culture is very diverse. As the country is located at the division point of Asia and Europe, its culture involves both Asian and European elements. By preserving the old traditional culture, Armenians have created a new modern culture. No tourist visiting Armenia can stay indifferent towards its music and dance. What especially attract foreigners are the deep sounds of Armenian duduk/tsiranapogh that are telling Armenian history while touching your soul. Enticing Armenian music has been used in many world-known movies, like “Gladiator” and multiple events.

3. Traditions and rites.
Armenians are well known for their warm hospitality. Despite the globalization trends, they have preserved their unique traditions and rites. By visiting an Armenian house, you may witness the way of life of Armenian family. While during the holidays, you will have the chance to taste traditional Armenian food, listen and watch Armenian dances and songs. Every event or a holiday has its unique way of celebration.

4. Arts and crafts.
For many centuries, Armenians have been well-known merchants. While travelling from the East to the West, they sold Armenian handworks. It is essential to note that Armenians have started to create handworks since 9th century BC. Armenian handworks will impress you with their elegance and fine taste. Both men and women do handworks in Armenia. Women mostly do embroidery, knitting, create carpets, while men prepare high-quality works from wood, stone and steal. Precious stone (especially diamond) refinishing and polishing is also famous among Armenians all over the world.
Apart from that, Armenians are considered to be very good craftsman.
By visiting the country, you will be admired by elegant Armenian silver and golden decorations and handworks.
When talking about art, it is worth noting: just when you land in Zvartnots International Airport, fine Armenian art works will immediately attract your attention with their beauty and deep meanings.
As you may see, Armenian arts and crafts are famous all over the world. During the Middle Ages when people wanted to showcase their fine taste and high position in society, they would buy an Armenian work of art.

5. Armenian people.
Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world. Armenian people are very humane and sociable. When walking through the streets in our country, strangers will come your way to ask how they can help you. And whenever you pass through Armenian villages, you will probably meet someone who will invite you to their house and serve delicious Armenian food.
You should visit this country to meet people with uniquely talented gen that gave birth to many world-known scientists, inventors, talented people who changed the world.

6. Armenia is a homeland to many world famous people.
You may have probably heard many of these names, but did not pay attention to their country of origin:
Charles Aznavour (French chanson singer and actor), Cher- Cherilyn Sarkissian (American actress and singer), Mike Connors-Ohanian (American actor), Andre Agassi (tennis player), Garry Kasparov(Chess player), Aram Khachaturian(composer, “Gayane”, “Spartacus” ballets), Artem Mikoyan (MIG aircraft designer), Serj Tankian(singer from System of the Down), Hovhannes Adamian (designer of systems of black and white, as well as colour television). Yes! They all are Armenians.

7. Ethnic cultures and minorities.
There are several ethnic minorities living in Armenia: Assyrians, yazidis, molokans who preserved their culture, language, traditions and religion while living in Armenia. Each of these ethnic minorities has their own peculiarities and interests. You may discover very diverse cultures coexisting in one country, when you visit Armenia.

8. Noah`s descendants and the first Christian country.
Armenians are descendants of Noah. Noah`s ark landed on the Mount Ararat after the Great flood. When Noah with his family came down his son Japheth stayed in this place. According to belief, Armenians originated from him.
His grandson’s name was Hayk and Armenians call their country Hayastan- Hayk`s country. So Mount Ararat is a sacred mountain for all Armenians. You can see Mount Ararat from various places in Armenia.
Moreover, you may want to know that Armenia is the first country in the world to have adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301.

9. Architecture.
The architecture is one of the most developed fields in Armenia. Being creative by nature, Armenians have a long tradition for crafting world famous architectural masterpieces. Our country is rich in stone types and colours. Armenian construction stones are tuff (with its different colours), basalt, marble, travertine, granite and so on. Not surprisingly, Armenian buildings are constructed from natural stones. In Armenian Church architecture, the building of arches, as well as octane and Sistine domes is very popular. Throughout the territory of Armenia, you may find castles and fortresses, bridges and churches with high-class architectural solutions and carvings coming from the Middle Ages.

10. Nature.
Armenia is small, but possesses very unique and rich landscape stretching from the North to the South. When travelling through Armenia, you will see untouched cliffs, plain valleys, bare mountains and bushy woods. Sometimes it seems that Armenia is very large and endless. But the country is small and rich with flora and fauna.

11. Four seasons.
Unlike some Asian countries, Armenia has four seasons each of them beautifying the nature with its uniqueness. If you visit Armenia in spring, you will be admired by the blooming trees, field flowers resembling colourful carpets. Summer is a wonderful season to taste juicy and healthy Armenian fruits. It is also a good season for adventure tourism (hiking, trekking, climbing and so on). Autumn is the most colourful and brightest season in Armenia, when leaves are changing their colours reminding of the wonders of nature. With the coming of winter and snow, Armenia turns into a white piece of cotton, beautifying the trees and roofs of the houses.

12. Silk road
Armenia is a country where the Silk Road passed. You can travel through the same route as the caravans passed. During the Silk Road period, Armenians were the only merchants who could enter China to buy silk and other things. They could also bring silk and other stuff to/from Europe for selling. In Armenia, you can witness old caravansaries, where merchants stayed, money from different countries and stuff which was sold during the Silk Road period.
When you visit Armenia, the guide will tell you many interesting facts and stories about the Silk Road period.

Armenia is a country which should be explored and uncovered!


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