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Period April-November

This tour will be guided by the specialist- archaeologist, or historian

Day 1
Arrival. Accommodation to the hotel. City tour.

Day 2
Drive to Talin region-Mt. Arteni satan age (where you will see tools of stone age, if you want you can search for different tools made of obsidian). Shamiram a fortress, residence, fields of mausoleums of bronze age). Agarak residence, mausoleums of bronze age. Oshakan (where you can see ancient pictures on the rocks of bronze age), Return Yerevan. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3 
Transfer to Metsamor museum (it is a museum in the open air where were founded a 3000-year-old observatory, icons, other buildings of the city, and there is also a rich collection in Metsamor inside museum. On the back way visit archaeological site of Zvartnots medieval temple(7th c.) where is kept the cuneiform inscription by king Russa 2 telling that here was built the palace for the Xald God. Dinner & overnight in Yerevan.

Day 4
Drive to Vayots Dzor region. There are caves – “Cave of Birds” or “Areni 1” where were founded jars for reservation of wine, mausoleums from stone age to medieval, the oldest shoe of the world which is in the History museum of Armenia), the oldest winery in the world.Then continue to Sisian Zorats Qarer or Qarahunj 7500 years old observatory, mausoleums, It is said that it is the same like British Stonehenge) Overnight in Goris.

Day 5
Drive to Yerevan via Selim pass Selim caravanserai (caravanserai was a guest house middle ages, when the silk road passed 13c.) Then continue to Lchashen (Here you can see mausoleums, fortresses and cuneiform inscription left by king Argishti telling that in the place was built the city of Xald in 8th. c. B.C.) Return to Yerevan.

Day 6

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