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Armenia has many festivals during the year. Each is different and very interesting to introduce Armenian old history, culture, traditions and customs. It is really great event where you can meet locals who really enjoy. Every year Festival schedule change. There are Church festivals and national.

During the any tour in Armenia, we can add festivals on it, if in that time there is festival.

Some festivals and holiday of 2017 in Armenia:

Date Festival Place
 January 1  N­ew Year  All of Armenia
 January 5  Christmas eve  All churches in Armenia
 January 6  Christmas  All churches in Armenia
 February 11  Lavers day or St. Sargis day  Yerevan
 February 26  Barekendan (Armenian carnival)  All of Armenia
 April 16  Easter  All Churches in Armenia
 May 5-6  Yerevan Wine days  in Yerevan
 May 6-7  Cognac fest  in Tsaghkadzor
 May 20  Tolma Festival  in Ararat region
 May 20  Museum day  all of Armenia
 June 2-4  Wine & Jazz  in Aragatsotn region
 June 10  Armenian food festival  Yerevan
 July 1-2  Armenian herb days  in Enokavan Lori region
 July 1  Gifts of Syunik region – Mulberry
(mulberry vodka is very famous in Armenia)
 in Goris, Karahunge Syunik region
 July 23  Vardavar, water polling
day church festival
 August 5  Armenian traditional costume festival  in Yerevan
 August 13  Grape Blessing day  All churches in Armenia
 August 13  Armenian honey and berries  in Berd Taush region
 August 19  Armenian beer festival  in Yerevan
 August 20  Barbecue festival  In Akhtala, Lori region
 September 9  Gata festival (sweat beard)  in Khachik village, Vayots Dzor region
 September 16  Harissa Festival  In Musa ler, Armavir region
 October 7  Wine festival  in Areni , Vayots Dzor
 October 7-8  Erebuni Yerevan, birthday of Yerevan  in Yerevan
 October 21  Pumpkin day Ghapama,
Armenian dish with Pumpkin and rise
 In Aghveran in Kotayk region
 Noyember 11  Day of Tolma Armenian dish  in Aghveran in Kotayk region


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