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Season: June-October

3 people in each Jeep

Day 1
Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel. 

Day 2
Drive to Shamiram village, where you can see bronze ages fortress ruins and tombs, visit Aruch caravanserai and Aruch church. Drive to Gyumri Overnight in Gyumri.

Day 3
City tour in Gyumri. Afterward drive via Vanadzor to Alaverdi. This is one of the main road to Georgia. Visit Sanahin Monastery (10th -13th c) and Haghbat Monastery (10-13th c.), both are in UNESCO World Heritage List. Overnight in Alaverdi.

Day 4
In the morning drive to via Noyemberyan mountains to Dilijan. To have jeep tour in the mountains. This is the most picturesque way to pass in Armenia. Drive to Praz lake. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 5
Drive to drive to Sevan Lake (1900m high from sea level) visit Noraduz khachkars (cross-stone fields 9th -17th c.), continue to Selim pass to Selim caravanserai (13th -14th c.), it was also guest house during silk road). Overnight in Goris.

Day 6
Drive from Tatev to Ltsen, Vorotnavank, visit Harjis caravanserai (it was a guest house during silk road), drive to Goris. Overnight in Goris.

Day 7
Drive Khndzoresk, you can see old khndzoresk rock-caved houses, where the people lived until 1950ths. Then continue to Zorats Qarer(Qarahunj)(7500 years old observatory). Drive to Ukhtasar, which is famous for its rock paintings. Overnight in Yeghegnadzor.

Day 8
Visit Noravank Monastery (13th c.), which is surrounded with red rocks. Visit Dvin one of the old capitals of Armenia. And there was silk road bazaar there. Drive to Yerevan.

Day 9
Drive to Garni pagan temple (1st c.), visit Azat canyon Stone Symphony, Geghard monastery is in UNESCO World Heritage list. Continue to Bjni, visit Bjni fortress (9th -11th c.). Drive back Yerevan.

Day 10
Drive to Ashtarak city to Mt. Aragats, Kar litch, then to Amberd fortress (7th c.) then from there to Byurakan village. Drive to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan. 

Day 11

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