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Season: June-September

Group: up to 15people 

Day 1
Meet at the airport, Transfer to Hotel. 

Day 2
Transfer to Sevaberd(2000m) then trek from there to Aknalich (3200m. 5 hours) 17km. Stay in tent

Day 3
Trek from Aknalich (3200m) to Mt. Ajdahak (3598m) (6hours), 15km. Stay in tent(3200m)

Day 4
Trek from camp (3200) to Voxchaberd range(2100m) 5hours 16km. Stay in tent 

Day 5
Trek to Havus Tar Monastery, visit Garni pagan temple(1c.), then drive to Geghard Monastery, ( 5hours trek, 13km) . Stay in hotel in Yerevan 

Day 6
Transfer to Amberd fortress (7th c.) 2300m high from sea level, then continue Mt. Aragats Qari lich (3200 metrs). Stay in tent 

Day 7
Trek to South peak (3893m) & West peak (4080 m) of Mt. Aragats(4,5-5 hours) , Stay in tent in crater 3800 

Day 8
Trek to North peak (4095m) & East peak (3994m) of Mt. Aragats(7 – 7,5hours). Stay in tent in Qari lich. 

Day 9
Drive to Ashtarak city, visit Karmravor church (7th c.), then to Echmiadzin Cathedral (301-303). Overnight in hotel in Yerevan 

Day 10

Other details available upon request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The schedule can be changed according to your interest.



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