It has long been emphasized the beauty of Armenia as a mountainous country. A diversified landscape with its highest peaks brings delight to winter tourism amateurs. This aspect or signature of the country makes it an idyllic destination for practising winter sports or leisure activities like skiing.

In Armenia you can rent ski and snowboard, as well as other equipments required for skiing.
The weather in winter varies from -6 °C to -20 °C, depending on the area of Armenia.

Armenia has several winter resorts. One of them is Tsaghkadzor, located in Kotayk province, on the slopes of the picturesque Mt. Teghenis (2851 m), vertical drop of the skiable area is 850 meters (2,790 feet).
Tsaghkadzor offers plenty of opportunities for those who are fond of skiing and snowboarding:
The total area designated for winter sports is located between 1966 and 2819 m elevations. Moreover, there are slopes of 27 km especially for skiing and snowboarding, plus six lifts to transport the guests to the higher points. Most of the ski and snowboarding routes are designed for amateurs and beginner level. The ideal time for skiing starts from the middle of December and lasts till the beginning of April: this is the best season covered with the white magical snow. For those who would like to practise skiing and snowboarding, outside the ordinary trails, there are perfect conditions prepared for off-site snowboarding and skiing.
Hence, Tsaghkadzor provides great conditions not only for amateurs, but for advanced level skiers and snowboarders as well.

The province of Shirak is another popular and well-known winter resort. When the snow covers the mountains in winter, magnificent scenery arises in front of you presenting plenty of opportunities to practise winter sports and leisure activities at its best. Snow-shoeing, sledging, snow-kiting (surfing on the snow in winter) and cross-country skiing are among the numerous activities to be practised during the winter season. While snow-kiting is a novice idea practised only at amateur level during the last few years, skiing has already a long tradition to delve in.
In line with their leisure values, these winter activities may also contribute positively to your health and well-being by purifying your lungs and mind with a fresh snowy mountain air.

Visit Armenia in winter and you’ll take back with you fabulous fairy-tale memories of the white magic!


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