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Armenian is attractive and unique country for tourism, and first of all for its safety and stability.
Jibrail Butros Jaara - former Ambassador of Lebanon in Armenia

Is Armenia safe? Not only Ambassadors from different countries often mention that Armenia is safe country to travel, but also in Gallup 2017 Global Law and Order report written that 83% of Armenians feeling safe to walk home alone at night. Switzerland, Denmark also has 83%, Taiwan has 84%, Japan has 85%.

For traveling to Armenia, you are not required any vaccination/ immunization, but if you have health problems, please advise with your doctor before traveling.

 Emergency   911
 Fire  101
 Police  102
 Ambulance  103
 Gas Emergency  104
 Municipality of Yerevan  108
 Phone directory  109
 Exact time  110
 Ombudsman of Armenia  116
 Railroad information  184
 Airport information  187


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