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The Province of Vayots Dzor is located in the South-Eastern part of Armenia. A list of excavations prove that Vayots Dzor has been inhabited since ancient times: daggers, rings and bracelets from the Bronze Age period, even 5500 years-old leather shoes (the oldest one in the world) have been discovered in this special place.

Despite the large territory of the region, Vayots Dzor is the most sparsely-populated region of Armenia.

The centre of the region is Yeghegnadzor, known for its honey, wine and cheese production.

When it comes to the climate, Vayots Dzor has a continental weather, offering beneficial conditions for the flourishing of numerous plants and flowers. Many plants and animals, inhabiting in this region are listed in the Red Book of Armenia.

The region possesses reservoirs of tuff, marble, clay, granite, basalt, felsite and so on. Among the industry sectors, farming, agriculture and wine production are highly-developed.

On top of that, Vayots Dzor offers beautiful opportunities for agritourism lovers. Furthermore, the region is highly-essential for the Silk Road pass.

Vayots Dzor is a unique place, where caves and deep canyons tell the story of untold legends, where springs of mineral waters and high peaks of mountains merge into one. This is a place to be, a place to feel the magic of the legends.


  • Jermuk- resort town with mineral springs that have a curative power
  • Jermuk Waterfall (which has a name of “Mermaid Hair”)
  • Areni village
  • Arevi cave: as the archaeological excavations demonstrate, this village has started to produce wine 6000 years ago.
  • Noravank Monastery (9-14th century)
  • Smbataberd Fortress (5th century)
  • Selim Pass and Silk Road Caravanserai
  • Spitakavor Church
  • Zorats Monastery:
  • Gladzor University- an important education site from the Middle Ages


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