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Have you ever been to a place that made your heart sing? The province of Tavush is one of those types of places.

Tavush region is nestled in the North-East of Armenia. Ijevan is the administrative centre of the province, settled along the river Aghstev.

When you look at the map of Armenia, you may notice that the region of Tavush is filled with densely poured green areas. This province is rich in forests, waterfalls, lakes and natural reservoirs, caves and picturesque canyons.

If you are looking for a place for artistic inspiration or spiritual awakening, Tavush would be a wonderful choice for you.

Not only the nature is lavishing in Tavush, but also culture is significantly essential as well. You may witness a list of cultural-historical monuments in this region.

Among the major industry branches are woodcraft, metalworking, the production of wine and mineral waters.

Tavush is a perfect place, if you want to embrace in the beauty of ecotourism.


  • Noyemberyan forests
  • Berdavan fortress 10th century
  • Goshavank monastery from the 12th -13th century located in the village Gosh
  • Parz Lake
  • Lastiver
  • Makaravank monastery- 10th century
  • Haghartsin Monastery-13th century
  • Dilijan spa town
  • Kirants Monastery

Visit Tavush and make your senses feel alive!


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