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Were Nature feels alive…

The province of Syunik is settled in the Southern part of Armenia, with the highest peak reaching 3906 m. The region is full of contrasts, boasting with plentiful forests in line with hills and mountains. The centre of the region is Kapan, which has a well-developed mining industry.

Fascinating meadows, luscious pastures and green valleys of the region offer excellent conditions for farming and cattle breeding.

Syunik is likewise rich in mineral waters coming from the ground.

Starting from the fourth century, Syunik has been noted as a powerful state. The Kingdom of Syunik was also known as the Kingdom of Kapan. During its hardest times, Syunik has stayed under the occupation of Mongols. However, despite this fact, it remained jubilant and powerful.

Syunik province attracts visitors with its picturesque natural sites, healing water springs and endless forests. The region offers magnificent opportunities for nature lovers and can truly be called a heaven for ecotourism amateurs.


  • Tatev Monastery 9th century: formerly
  • ings of Tatev (5.7 km)- the longest cableway (listed in Guinness Records Book) in the world
  • Meghri: it is believed that the best and most delicious pomegranate (the symbol of Armenia) can be found in Meghri
  • Kajaran’s thermal waters
  • Kapan city
  • Shikahogh State Reserve
  • Arevik National Park
  • Mount Khustup (3201 m)
  • Satani Kamurj: translated from Armenian, the name signifies “Devil’s Bridge”
  • Goris city- exposes unique city architecture and amazing rocky scenes.
  • Qarahunj: 7500 years ago, in this very place there has been an astronomical observatory.
  • Halidzor Fortress
  • Kndoresk rock-caved village


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