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Humour, Art & Snow- three words, describing this Northern Province of Armenia

The province of Shirak is located in the North-West of Armenia, bordering with Georgia and Turkey. It is one of the oldest Armenian provinces, dating back to the Stone Age. The administrative centre of Shirak is Gyumri. This province is plain in the north and surrounded by mountains in the south-west, which makes it even more attractive for visitors.

The climate is mild in summer, but the winter is very cold and full of snow, so winter sports are famous here. Despite the breezy climate of the region, Shirak people have preserved their unique sense of humour.

Shirak is a cultural province of Armenia and is distinguished with its humour, art, painters and actors, writers and sportsmen. If you are a culture lover, make sure to visit this province.

Apart from humour, culture and sports, the province of Shirak is famous for its mines of tuff, pumice stone and limestone.

The second largest airport is Shirak International Airport (IATA: LWN, ICAO: UDSG) in Shirak province, 5km from the centre of Gyumri.

What you can see and do in Shirak:

  • House-museum of Minas Avetisyan located in the small village of Jajur. Minas Avetisyan was an exceptional Armenian painter, whose main theme of art work was religion and nature.
  • Harichavank- 7the century monastery, is one of the most famous monasteries in Armenia
  • Marmashen- 10th century monastic complex
  • Trchkan Waterfall
  • Mantash reservoir
  • Hiking through Akhurian River Gorge and Arpi Lake
  • Visiting Tonir maker`s house in Sarnaghbyur village
  • The mysterious views of the ruins of Ani- the medieval capital of Armenian Kingdom
  • Visit Gusanagyugh village, Gusanagyugh fortress
  • Yereruyk basilica (4th-5thcentury) is in Anipemza, it is one of the ancient examples of Armenian architecture referred to the Paleo-Christian epoch (IV–VI century)


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