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 “In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous” - Aristotle

Where nature opens its arms, this is where the Lori region starts…

The province of Lori is located in the North of Armenia, close to the border with Georgia. The administrative centre of Lori province is Vanadzor city which is the third largest city in Armenia. Lori region is the home for some national ethnic groups living in Armenia, such as Greeks, Assyrians, Yazidis, Molokans and others.

Resembling green mosaic, the forests of Lori elicit a light fragrance fuelled by fresh and clean air, providing a list of health benefits. If you want to cure your respiratory system and relax your mind, a couple of days in the green areas of Lori might be an ideal choice for you. This region is likewise surrounded by mountains, which brings an extra point to the freshness of the air.

When spring enters its role, the alpine meadows start blooming with native wild flowers arousing your senses with enchanting aromas and colours.

As you may already guess, Lori is a truly alluring place for nature lovers.


  • Akhtala fortress with Monastery 10th century
  • Haghpat Monastery 10th century (UNESCO)
  • Sanahin Monastery 10th century (UNESCO)
  • Mikoyan brothers` museum in Sanahin village
  • Sanahin bridge 12th century
  • Ozun chrch 5th century
  • Horomayr monastery 7th century
  • Kobayr monastery 12th century
  • Hovhaness Tumanyan`s house-museum in Dsegh village
  • Lori fortress 11th century
  • Dendropark-Botanic garden in Stepanavan
  • Molokans` village
  • Spitak city


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