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The province of Kotayk is in the central part of Armenia (900-2500m above sea level), to the North from the capital Yerevan. The centre of Kotayk region is Hrazdan.

In the Northern-Eastern part, it is covered with Hadis mountain massif, while to the South-West it slowly lowers down connecting with the Ararat Plain. The region is also swayed by Geghama and Tsakhkunyac mountain ranges.

Winter sports are famous in this region; consequently, tourism during the winter season is popular, allowing you to practise sports like skiing and experience winter leisure activities.

The province of Kotayk is rich in natural resources; among them are silver, gold, aluminium, marble, granite, steal, basalt. From ecological and health perspective, the region is important as well, since it possesses three big mines of mineral waters.

When talking about climate, it is not easy to generalize the climate of the whole region, as it is full of contrasts: in the North and the Central part of the region, it is cold and snowy, while in the South the climate is mostly dry.

The region is famous with its beer factory and health resorts.


  • Garni Pagan Temple- awarded by UNESCO 2012
  • Symphone of Stone
  • Geghard Monastery (4th century)- listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Tsakhkadzor ski resort
  • Aghveran village and mountain resort
  • Khosrov Reserve
  • Bjni Fortress
  • Hanqavan water reservoir- secretly located that makes you feel like in a deviant world.


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