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Located in the Eastern part of Armenia, the province of Gegharkunik is the largest province in Armenia. Lake Sevan (1900m high from sea level) is located in this province which is the biggest in Caucasus.

The largest city and the administrative centre is the city of Gavar dating back to the 8th century BC. Nowadays it is humorously known for its potatoes. Gavar also possesses significant theatrical traditions.

When it comes to the climate, the region has cool summers and cold winters, as it is located about 2000-3500m above sea level.

Among the major occupations, hence the principal source of income of the region’s population is fishing, agriculture and mining industry.

The province is rich in valuable minerals such as gold, chromium, mineral water, natural building materials and others. One of the distinguishing marks is the natural obsidian that can be seen shining on the hills as soon as you enter the region when coming from Yerevan.

There are signs that people inhabited in this region since ancient times. For example, list of ancient tools were discovered here, like: stone instruments, cuneiform records, ruins of military castles, chariots, drilled canals, mausoleums and so on.


  • Lake Sevan(1370 km2)
  • Sevanavank- a monastic complex from the 9th century
  • Petroglyphs, dragon stone on Mount Azhdahak
  • Lchashen Cyclopean Fortress
  • Sevsar Astronomical Observatory
  • Geghama Mountain range, (highest peak is 3597m) with its rich and diverse flora
  • Noradus cross-stone field (9th -17th c.)


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