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Armavir province, located in the Western part of Armenia may truly be called as the spiritual or religious province of Armenia. Even though the administrative centre of the region is Armavir city. The region is of special importance as it is settled along the Ararat valley, in between the two significant mountains for Armenians: Mount Aragats (highest mountain in Armenia) and the Biblical Mount Ararat.

Formerly, Armavir was one of the 13 capitals of Armenia. The province is named in its honour. It is essential to note that present-day Armavir region is home to three of Armenia’s historic capitals.

According to historical sources people inhabited in this region starting from BC 5th century, with the oldest records to be found between 645-685 BC.

When talking about culture, Armenians believe this is one of the regions that possess the richest cultural centres of the country.

Among the most-developed sectors in the region are agriculture, fish farming and cattle-breeding.

The climate is dry and sunny; however, it provides beneficial conditions to grow fruits like apricot, grapes, peach and so on.

The province of Armavir is rich in unique historical monuments.

Another special fact: there are many plants and insects type in Armavir region, which are recorded in Red Book.


  • Ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral 7th century UNESCO
  • St. Hripsime church 7th century UNESCO
  • Musaler village
  • Argishtikhinili city fortress
  • Aragats village and Urartian Fortress (9-8th century BC): the village is famous for tarragon cultivation
  • Sardarapat Museum
  • Metsamor Museum
  • Lake Aknalich


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