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“Nothing can be more beautiful than its shape, more awful than its height”
Morier’s quote about Mount Ararat (1826)

The province of Ararat located in the Central part of Armenia. As you may guess, the name of the region is given in honour of the Biblical Mount Ararat. The region is closely-related to the Biblical events, as it is believed that the Garden of Eden was settled in the present-day Ararat region.

It is worthwhile noting that two of historical capitals of Armenia were in this very region.

The province of Ararat is quite ancient, with 5000 years of history coming from the pre-Christian times. It has a significant meaning for all Armenians: this is where the famous Battle of Armenian Canyon took place, which brought the first Independence to Armenia.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that the present-day Province of Ararat currently occupies the territory of the historical state of Ayrarat in Greater Armenia that used to be a significant political, cultural and economic centre. The state was an important connecting point between China, Central Asia and Europe as this is where the Silk Road passed.

The largest city and administrative centre of Ararat province is Artashat. The city has a well-developed industry sectors, possessing multiple factories of wine, fruit preserves, ceramics and faience. However, the province plays a leading role in Armenia’s agriculture, with endless wine valleys and fields for growing crops.


  • Khor Virap (meaning “deep well”) - Monastery, where Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned;
  • a symbolic site from where you can see an impressive scene of the Mount Ararat.
  • Kaqavaberd fortress, settled along the Canyon of Azat River. Kaqavaberd in Armenian literally means “a fortress or castle of a partridge”
  • Dvin- one of the historic capitals of Armenia (330)
  • Khosrov Reserve
  • Ancient Artashat
  • Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak House-Museum


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