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Aragatsotn- the land of mountains and cliffs, the land of the highest peak in Armenia- Mount Aragats (4090m high).

The province of Aragatsotn is located in the Western part of Armenia. The capital city of Aragatsotn is Ashtarak, which is about thirty minutes drive away from Yerevan. It is settled along the river Kasakh. In Armenian, the name of the town literally means “tower”.

The region attracts visitors with its pure mountainous air, hence is an exciting destination for adventure tourism lovers.

Nowadays, you may still find fortresses and caravanserais from the Middle Ages in this region. The reason for this is that during the Middle Ages, the province of Aragatsotn was a connecting point for different caravan pathways.

In line with this, Aragatsotn region attracts visitors with its archaeological excavations. Among the discoveries made in this region are: foundries from the early Bronze Age, ancient mausoleums, religious and household constructions. This locality dates back to the year 3400 BC, which is older than the pyramids of Giza. However, the excavations still continue in this region.

There are many well-known talented scientists, writers, historians and sportsmen coming from this region.

The province of Aragatsotn is famous for horticulture, its endless gardens of apple, grape, apricot and walnut. The region provides excellent conditions for cattle breeding. During the summer season, you can see cows and sheep grazing in the mountains.

Furthermore, the region is distinguished with its wine and cognac factories. The dairy farming is widely-spread as well.


  • Amberd- 7th century fortress
  • Byurakan- small alpine village which is home to Byurakan Astronomical Observatory
  • Mount Aragats 4090m
  • Mount Ara 2577m
  • Ashtarak city
  • Karmravor church 7th century
  • Proshyan house museum
  • Armenian Alphabet field
  • Saghmosavank- 13th century monastery,
  • Oshakan- the village were Mesrop Mashtots was buried. Mesrop Mashtots was an Armenian linguist, hymnologist and the creator of Armenian Alphabet.
  • Aparan water reservoir- picturesque place to bring you inner peace and ignite your creativity.
  • Tegher- a village which is home to a list of healthy herbs. Due to this reason, the village took the name Tegher, signifying “medicines” in Armenian.
  • Agarak archeological site
  • Aruch caravanserai


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