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“Lose your mind and come to your senses.”
-Frederick Salomon Perls

Whenever you visit Armenia, this should be your slogan! Of all the five senses, taste will intensify its power, as soon as you try piquant Armenian dishes.
Armenian Cuisine is among the oldest ones in the world, which is rich in variety of delicious specialties…

Throughout centuries, there have been changes in dishes… However, what remains unchanged is Armenian food culture and hospitality.

We Armenians praise our food; humorously we even have songs, dances and legends dedicated to Armenian dishes. According to belief, when an Armenian woman sings while cooking, she transfers emotions to the dish and it becomes even more delicious.

As you may know, Armenia has four seasons each of them possessing their own special food.

When it comes to greens and vegetables, Armenia is for sure the right choice to taste them all. Spring is a wonderful season, blooming with greens like spinach, sibekh and astrodaucus, which are not only tasty, but also good for your health. For instance, we have a nice recipe of stewed sibekh with garlic and spices. Truly mouth-watering experience!

In line with greens and vegetables, Armenian cuisine is rich in cereals, legumes and meat.

Light summer is a wonderful season to taste Armenian juicy fruits and berries: peach, apple, plum, raspberry and of course our apricot- famous all over the world. Not surprisingly, we even have an International Film Festival called Golden Apricot held every year in July in the capital Yerevan.

The abundance of fruits and berries in summer may not leave you indifferent in winter as well. Armenian women are famous for their cooking abilities: in summer and autumn, they prepare dry fruits and jams for winter. When you visit an Armenian house in winter, the housewife will surprise you with her tea table full of sweets prepared with her own hands. The tea made from healthy herbs will warm you up, the apricot or raspberry jam will feed your soul with sweet memories from your childhood and leave you in enchanting sense of tender nostalgia.

While talking about autumn, it is worth mentioning Armenian weddings that were used to be organised mostly in autumn. The reason for this habit was based in endless variety of fruits, drinks and other delicious food available during the most colourful season of the year.

When it comes to lavash (Armenian bread made in tandoor- tonir), it is one of the main components of Armenian cuisine, likewise it is the rice in Asian cuisine. However, this is a separate topic to be explored which we advise you to do so, while visiting Armenia. Lavash is in UNESCO as Cultural Heritage.
The theme of Armenian cuisine might not be complete without the mention of Armenian drinks that have a very old history. Wine history of Armenia is about six thousand years old, with the oldest winemaking facility discovered in the village Areni. Armenian wine is represented in very diverse types: sweet, semi-sweet, dry, semi-dry white, red and rosé; made not only from grapes but also from peach, apricot, cherry, pomegranate (famous in Armenia) and other fruits.
Armenian beer is quite old as well. The first note was made in the fifth century BC by Xenophon, who tells us how he tried a drink made from water and barely that had a soar taste in the city that is nowadays called Gyumri.

However, of all Armenian drinks, cognac is the most famous one- renowned all over the world. Armenian cognac, known for its healthy qualities, has been the favourite drink of many world leaders and famous people. Winston Churchill- the prime minister of the United Kingdom wrote in his book about Armenian cognac. He loved this drink so much that every year ordered four hundred bottles of cognac and during high-class dinners he served cognac to his guests.

As a final note, cognac has such a great value that you may see in the centre of the table of every Armenian wedding, oblige and other important ceremonies. Whenever we visit a foreign country, we take a bottle of cognac as a special gift symbolizing our country.

Come to Armenia and let your senses feel alive!


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