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Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter… Four seasons, four beauties defining the diversity of Armenian climate…

Overall, the climate in Armenia is continental with cold winters and hot summers.

Every season has its own charm. For instance, spring is the blossom of life, when nature wakes up from the long winter sleep. It is one of the most beautiful seasons in Armenia, when nature awakens all your senses: when newly-grown plants smell with freshness, the blooming of trees and wild field flowers tenderly fondle your eyes, Armenian mountains and fields turn into coloured carpets and birds return from faraway warm countries. This is an authentic time when Armenia blossoms. The temperature in spring varies between 15°C and 25°C. Spring in Armenia is neither cold, nor hot.

Armenia is often described as a sunny country. You will understand the essence of this truth if you visit Armenia in summer that lasts three months- June, July, and August. Most of the time, it is quite hot in Armenia during the summer season and the temperature goes up till 40°C. Summer is dry and sunny, that is why the fruits are so juicy and delicious. Summer is a good time for hiking and trekking. There are many interesting festivals held in summer.

Autumn is the most colourful season in Armenia… This is the time for a true magic, when green and yellow leaves intermingle with one another and turn into golden ones… When the hot summer air frees its place for a gentle autumn breeze… The weather is mild, but sunny. The temperature varies between 35°C and 10°C. During the autumn season in Armenia, you may witness a marvellous panorama with the colour play of enchanting autumn leaves. Autumn is a season of harvest of the sun-kissed fruits, vegetables and grains. This is an ideal time filled with delicious Armenian dishes.

Winter is a season for a white magic, when the fairy snow covers the roofs of houses and the streets. Winter is cold and the temperature goes down till -5-10°C, in some places till -40°C. The cold winter season may warm up people’s hearts inspiring with the heavenly white snow. It is a miraculous time for outside games with snow. In every yard, you may see children with their parents making snowman. This is the time of the most magical holiday of the year- New Year and Christmas. It is an amazing season to visit Armenia. Armenia has many winter resorts where you can enjoy skiing and skating.


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